Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Let excellent employees get their own jobs and motivate them to actively engage in work, so that we can provide customers with the best service and enable the company to achieve the best development. Therefore, Vtech attaches great importance to talent strategies. We are vacant for you who are potiential are smart and enterprising hope to continuously improve themselves in all aspects. Vtech will create a good working platform, so that employees can make the best use of their talents, and get endless fun from work!

Career Development

Vtech also actively helps employees obtain various IT certifications. We firmly believe that the more knowledgeable our employees, the stronger our company will be and the better we can serve our customers. Vtech believes that everyone should constantly improve themselves. Therefore, we encourage employees to develop their own career development plans, and the company will help employees determine what kind of training they need to implement career development plans.

Training program

In line with the concept of endless learning, Vtech encourages employees to develop their careers through on-the-job learning and training courses. Plus, we make continuous progress in their own way, explore new fields or deepen existing knowledge. In Vtech, employees can participate in various training courses to learn new skills or improve existing skills. The company provides hundreds of training courses every year, including technical training, software globalization, software testing, sale skill and leadership skill. Employees can easily find and choose the training courses they need.